Sabtu, 19 Juni 2010

General Principles of Fracture Treatment

Salter 436

The six general principles of treatment for all musculoskeletal conditions discussed in chapter 6 are as applicable to traumatic musculoskeletal conditions (fractures, dislocations,associated soft tissue injuries) as they are to non traumatic musculoskeletal disorders. A review of these general principles is necessary before you proceed to learn about their application to the treatment of fractures and associated injuries.

1. First, Do No Harm
2. Base Treatment on an Accurate Diagnosis ang Prognosis
3. Select Treatment with Spesific Aims
    a. To relieve pain
    b. To obtain and maintain satisfactory position of the fracture fragments
    c. To allow and if necessary to encourage bony union
    d. To restore optimum function
4. Cooperate with the Law of Nature
5. Make Treatment Realistic and Practical
6. Select Treatment for Your Patient as an Individual

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